I Want My Mum was founded by Lisa, a mother of three cute little girls who have now grown into beautiful teens. She launched it while pregnant with her first child several years ago. While she was carrying her baby that time, she wanted to make ensure that she’ll be a good mother. Many will agree that this is a common cause of anxiety among first-time parents. She was anxious about everything, but also anticipating motherhood with unparalleled excitement. That is why she used to go around a lot to ask questions and advice on her pregnancy. She even made a lot of research and joined many forums.  


Lisa may be young but she never shirked from her duties as an expecting mother. As much as possible, she wanted to be prepared for motherhood and make sure that she won’t do anything bad to herself and the baby. This is a typical story among pregnant women – not knowing what may be harmful, and doing it to themselves. This pertains not only to actions but food and liquid intake as well. This is most especially since pregnancy causes too much sensitivity and development of food allergies to some women. She doesn’t want to be caught off-guard since this may affect the baby as well. But of course, no one can be perfect and being a first-time mother, she had her share of horror stories. She made mistakes and learned from it not just during her first-time but during the succeeding pregnancies as well.  


Knowing that she wasn’t the only one who worries about pregnancy and parenting, she created a website that became successful in helping a lot of parents especially mothers out there. It was a good thing that she made a platform where everyone can learn about related topics while sharing information and interacting with others as well. We only hope the I Want My Mum to continue giving helpful knowledge and information to many.