Do we need to have create accounts first before we can use your site? 


Thank you for considering our website. You may use our websites even by not registering. However, we’d like you to know that you can only be updated if you have an account here. You can sign up your email for our newsletter to receive the latest news and notifications from our site. Please note that you cannot enter our community without an account, this is how we implement our security and monitor the activities on our site, 


Can I delete my account if I want to? How? 


No, you can’t delete your account but it may be deactivated. It only means that your account won’t be fully deleted and you can still use it whenever you want to bring it back. But deactivation means you won’t be able to use it unless you ask for it again. You may deactivate by going to your profile, clicking the settings and choosing the ‘account deactivation’. The website will send you confirmations and once you confirm them, your account will be deactivated. 


Can I also post on the forum even if I have no account to use? 


No, you cannot. You need an account first before you can interact with other members. No worries because we never store your information for personal use. 


Do you post new articles daily or weekly? How often do you actually give new information? 


This depends on the need and the demand for it. We update it as needed. Also, if we see the need to inform you of important matters, we update our site immediately. Usually, we make updates every day. So we suggest you visit regularly or sign up for our newsletter so you won’t miss anything.