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Hello and welcome to I WANT MY MUM.

I WANT MY MUM was started in December 2004 by two mothers, Charlotte Young and Annalisa Barbieri. The idea came about because, having had children the year before, we were rather surprised and frustrated at the conflicting information about the important subject of bringing up baby. People we thought should have the answers (for example, health professionals) often didn’t, or seemed not to have read any recent research.

We call this site ‘the progressive parenting website’ because we don’t think knowledge is finite. Whilst we acknowledge that certain things are a ‘given’ (breast feeding really is best for mother and baby), research often sheds new light on things. We don’t like myths to be perpetuated (e.g:‘picking up your baby will spoil him’, ‘I couldn’t breastfeed’) and we don’t believe in patronising parents by hiding facts from them. What we really believe in is informed choice because if you make an informed choice, it’s a happy and guilt-free one, one you can rest easy with.

Our Main Idea

We are strong believers in each baby being an individual and each family have unique sets of circumstances. We also think a parent’s best asset is their instinct but that instinct has to be an informed one.

Here you can chat in our forums to like minded parents (we also have breastfeeding counsellors and midwives on board) about all aspects of your baby and toddler; as well as reading static articles on various subjects from baby led weaning (Gill Rapley was kind enough to visit us for a live chat and take questions from parents) to which sling or baby carrier might best meet your needs. We have a fantastic recipe section where we share our favourite recipes.

The site is free to look at, but the forums are member only; this is to ensure a happy and harmonious environment. Certain parts of the forum (breastfeeding and pregnancy) are free to read and post on – you just need to register – but to join in with most of them you also need to be an Advanced Member. This costs just £1 a month or £10 a year and it’s to cover our costs. * We think it offers fantastic value for money as you get access to a rich ‘collective wisdom’, and on a more practical level, you can read reviews of buggies and other baby equipment before you make a purchase and also offer things for sale! We also operate a book lending circle.

Please read our board guidelines before posting on the forums.

We’re a baby friendly site, that is to say, we don’t believe babies should be trained or tamed. So this site may not be for everyone, please take a moment to read Our Philosophies to see if you’d like what we do. Or just have a look around!

We hope you enjoy the site.

Charlotte and Annalisa

Please remember that no site should ever be an alternative to seeking medical advice if you think your child or baby needs it. Please take a moment to read our board guidelines and enjoy your stay.

*Annalisa Barbieri has no commercial interest in I WANT MY MUM.


We believe that every baby has the right to mature in a safe, supportive and sensitive environment and that every parent has the right to accurate, researched information on which to base their choices and decisions. Many “parenting websites” tell people how to parent, some parenting books of recent years suggest an inflexible structure into which a new and unconfident mother may think her baby must fit, and at the opposite end of the scale some attached parenting sites can suggest outright cruelty if a baby is expected to sleep alone.

We believe every parent must make decisions that sit most comfortably with their lifestyle and their philosophies.

The other thing we feel passionately about is how much mis-information is given out by the medical establishment. Health visitors who insist a baby is ready for weaning onto solids when in fact they are just going through a growth spurt. GPs who incorrectly tell mothers to give up breastfeeding when they needn’t.

Many parenting websites expect parents to fall into neat little categories: you’re either an attached parent or you’re not. You’re either into routines or you aren’t. We believe that, with the right information most parents are not one thing or another. They may like a loose routine to stop a slide into madness, but not want to be slaves to one. We try and gently present and share options, remembering that everyone has different circumstances and that all babies are different and unique.

However you don’t need to read very much to realise that breastfeeding is far and away the best way to nourish your baby so we are very much a pro-breastfeeding site and support the World Health Organisation (WHO) International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes and the WHO/UNICEF Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.

We post true and factual information regarding both breastfeeding and formula which is always researched and which usually displays relevant research links (particularly if in answer to a specific question/news article rather than a discussion thread) – if there is any research you would like clarification on please contact the admin team (now the legal bit) Please consult your family doctor, midwife or other professional before relying on any information you find here. I Want My Mum is not responsible for the accuracy or content of any posts and is not liable for any damage or loss that may result from your reliance on what other users have said. Posted messages and other information provided by I Want My Mum and its agents and users may represent opinion or judgement. Neither I Want My Mum nor its agents or users guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information here.

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